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Casbah Presents
To mark these special intimate shows, Scott will be designing a limited edition of ISO50 posters for each show. The first 100 ticket buyers will be entitled to collect a poster free of charge from the merch desk at the show.
If you qualify for a poster, you will receive an email notification before the show.

Tycho Biography

With one foot each in music and graphic design, Scott Hansen (known as "Tycho" in the music world and "ISO50" amongst designers) is an artist in every sense of the word. Based out of San Francisco, Hansen released his first full-length album as Tycho in 2004 with Sunrise Projector, a work that embodied the ambient style Hansen is known for. Tycho's latest release, the 2011 album Dive, experiments with soundscapes that run even deeper than those on Hansen's first LP. As evidenced in Tycho's live performances, developing two art forms simultaneously enables Hansen to expand the possibilities of his music in ways few other artists can.

Doombird Biography

If DOOMBIRD is the last word you hear before you go under . . . under the spell of electronica-induced hyper-stimulation that will scatter your heartbeats across a spectrum of clicks and pops and palpitations scheduled for some time a decade from now . . . then consider yourself guided by the luck of a moment that informs spirit and mind. This is music that will take over your biorhythms and direct your attention hither and yon. Some wave of exuberance will overcome you and force you to float over the 18th, 19th, 20th centuries to come to rest somewhere you have only begun to meekly investigate. A feeling you never knew you had will hijack you there.

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