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ON POINT PROMOTIONS Presents a night of strictly roots reggae with The Simpkin Project, Beyond I Sight Feat. Gonzo, DJ Clint Westwood, & live art by Al Scholl. Celebrating Scotty Clayton's Birthday!

Simpkin Project Biography

Simpkin Project plays a multi-faceted blend of reggae and Americana that varies greatly on its exterior layers but only atop the organic rhythms of reggae music. Their sound has been described as “uncompromising… blend[ing] authentic roots rock rhythms with a wall-of-sound production style,” and the lyrical compositions of frontman Phil Simpkin range “from the simply truthful to the stirringly anthemic.” Their dedication and respect for reggae music is both seen and heard through their non-stop, enthusiastic live performances, songwriting style and studio recordings.Rich guitar work that draws from influences in blues and rock ‘n’ roll is rarely in dull company, propelled steadily forward by the band’s thumping drums, bass and percussion, and the clockwork sound of rhythm guitar that defines Jamaica’s most culturally celebrated music. Their keyboard arrangements are lush and vibrant, providing a melodic backdrop against which three-part vocal harmonies shine brightly.


Beyond I Sight is quickly emerging as a prominent voice of the southern California Reggae scene. With deep influence from the roots, dub and early dancehall of the late 70's and early 80's, combined with the vast and eclectic musical backgrounds of the individual members, Beyond I Sights' sound is original and innovative all while remaining true to the roots. Drawing much inspiration from the ever-growing modern Reggae scene, especially in southern California and the Hawaiian islands, Beyond I Sight is looking to take it all the way.

Al Scholl Biography

Al Scholl is a self-taught artist that specializes in waves, seascapes, and sunsets from the surfer's perspective. He promotes himself on a regular basis by doing LIVE ART!! Al can be seen on stage painting with Southern California's finest reggae musicians on a regular basis. He follows many local bands to include the Devastators, Stranger, Project out of Bounds, Sunny Rude, Roots Covenant, High Tide, Stick Figure, Shoreline Rootz, Seedless, Fortunate Youth, the Simpkin Project and many more. Al starts with a white canvas, and inspired by the live music creates a painting for the crowd by the end of the evening!

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