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Rome Biography

Rome’s musical ventures led him to Southern California and a chance meeting with Sublime bassist and co-founder Eric Wilson. Wilson was immediately struck by the young musician’s passion and talent, and shortly thereafter Sublime with Rome was formed. In 2010, Rome scored his first commercial success collaborating on the Dirty Heads’ #1 single “Lay Me Down” – a song he co-wrote and provided guest vocals on. A year later, Sublime with Rome released their album Yours Truly, featuring many of Rome’s early compositions including the band’s top 5 hit “Panic.” Touring nearly non-stop, Rome found the time to write and record Dedication as well as material for a forthcoming full length. Weaving his gritty poetry with breakneck strumming and pummeling beats, the 24-year-old singer/guitarist/songwriter instantly reveals himself as a musician of fearless honesty and boundless passion, blending larger-than-life beats and reggae-inspired flourishes with guitars that swing from scorching electric riffs to graceful acoustic strumming.

The Palace Ballroom Biography

The Palace Ballroom knows thereʼs something wrong with your heart. Packed into some of the finest songcraft and catchiest hooks around, the band's emotive, confessional songs hold a magnifying glass to your chest. They'll either leave you curled up with a bottle at 4:00 a.m, or singing with the windows down as you cruise the coastal highway. Veering between acoustic ballads and buzzing electric guitar. singer-songwriter honesty and indie rock edge, the music defies easy categorization, but it¹s familiar and straightforward, and the songs echo in your head for miles. The Palace Ballroom won¹t leave you unmoved. Their music hits like heartbreak, but heals like the world¹s oldest friend.

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