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Pine Mountain Logs Biography

Pine Mountain Logs slips impressive three-part harmonies into classic rock 'n roll covers, making them one of the most convincing cover bands around.

Rodello's Machine Biography

Rodello's Machine is the combination of two dedicated musicians, Nate Donnis and Kolby Knickerbocker. With a sound that is like a shimmering blend of Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Wilco and Animal Collective, the two have set out to create their own unique style of indie folk/rock. Originally from Miami, FL, Kolby Knickerbocker is a multi-talented musican and producer, playing guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, and digeridoo. He came to Rodellos Machine with a wealth of creative ideas and a mutual desire to create music that would inspire listeners. A talented singer songwriter in his own right and a clear knack for production, as evidenced in his release with Kitty's Music Box, Knickerbocker and Donnis had a creative flow that made song production easy.

Their musical descriptives could best be tagged as indie folk/rock with robust baritone vocals, flavorfully rich harmonies, an acoustically warm back-bone, and a production value like rocket fuel. Rodello's Machine is a name that might suggest something precise and mechanical upon first glance. However, the music created is like the ghost in the machine as this is very much a living, animated vehicle.

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