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Presented by The Barnwell Shift
All seating for general admission is LIMITED and NOT GUARANTEED. There are no refunds, exchanges or transferring tickets.

Ocean Commotion, a benefit for San Diego Coastkeeper Biography

Bred in Oceanside where the ocean, beaches and pier hum with life, The Barnwell Shift conceived of a community of musicians and music lovers jamming to live tunes, sharing great prizes, having fun and helping keep our waters clean. This is how Ocean Commotion was born. For the second annual concert party, the Barnwell Shift (fresh, funky multi-instrumentalists), Big Penny (of local fave "Working Overtime") and the Blue Moonies serve up a big dose of awesome for your enjoyment. The musicians' time and all of the prizes are donated so that a percentage of proceeds can go straight to the San Diego Coastkeeper to protect and restore fishable, swimmable, drinkable water throughout San Diego County. This is an event you won't want to miss!

The Barnwell Shift Biography

The Barnwell Shift are a trio that landed in Oceanside from afar. In the years that have passed since the band's first release in 2010, conciousness has been revealed as the true movement. Each of the band members have discovered that all things are connected - this is the driving principle and motivation of each note shared by this thoughtful band. Great appreciation is held for all that are ready to reciprocate and those that have yet to realize this potential. Everyone grows at their own pace, but the goal of the Barnwell Shift is to put some groovement in the movement.

Big Penny Biography

Strange things happen in the North San Diego County hillside. Somewhere, tucked away in a small, non-insulated shack that can only be reached by an unmarked path known by few, two men seclude themselves from natural light, fresh air and social interaction until the common goal is achieved: mastery. Big Penny is the culmination of years of combined and individual musical experience across genres assembled into a single cohesive unit. The two members, Sean Cox and Jordan Chini, meld original folk, dark country and rock into a harmony-rich audio experience that is as haunting as it is aesthetically complex. Banjo, guitar, harmonica, organ, drums, melodica, bass and mandolin are their tools and elbow grease is in no short supply.

The Blue Moonies Biography

The Blue Moonies are currently pummeling audiences with their eclectic mix of rock, reggae and soul. Featuring Jody Bagley (keys, vocals), Tom Mitchell (guitar, vocals), Jason Simmons (bass, vocals), and Tristan Faulk-Webster (drums, artwork), the Blue Moonies deliver a musical adventure you won't want to miss out on!

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All seating for general admission is LIMITED and NOT GUARANTEED. There are no refunds, exchanges or transferring tickets.