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Dragonette Biography

So a folk singer and a electro-bassist walked into a bar at a Halifax guitar rock festival, and what happened next? They got drunk, danced, fell in love, formed a band, got married, danced some more, abducted a drummer named Joel, ran away to London, England, and never looked back. Okay, so as bar jokes go it’s a little flat. But as a life story, it’s been a pretty thrilling ride for Dragonette, a parallel musical universe in which pop stars knit woolen hamburgers, electropop grows a heart, jetsetters can be homebodies and jet lag is an abstract affliction for those who stay in one time zone long enough actually feel the next.With the release of the first single from their 3rd album, Dragonette prove once and for all what die hard fans have known since 2005 – that together they are so much more than the sum of their separate (and very shapely!) parts.As for the new album, long time followers of their music will recognize all the hallmarks of a sound which, in the past couple of years, has taken Dragonette around the world and platinum: Layers of addictive supporting ethereal melodies and that voice – Sorbara’s psychosexual purr, like Ricky Lee Jones trapped in Lady Gaga’s erotic dream.

The Knocks Biography

Everyone can now make music. The increasing access to music related technology and the liquid flow of music and information is a blessing to aspiring musicians, but a curse to those who have to sift through the terrible mash-ups and tunes in order to find quality music. Based out of New York City’s Lower East Side, The Knocks are taking a stand and reclaiming good music for all.

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