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Winners of the Best Alternative Album award at San Diego's 2012 Music Awards, Dead Feather Moon blend elements of rock, alternative country and psychedelic blues.

Dead Feather Moon Biography

Dead Feather Moon is a San Diego-based band whose distinguished sound combines rock with alt-country and psychedelic blues. Their heartfelt performances and rapidly-growing fan base have established them as one of San Diego’s most sought-after musical acts. Their debut full-length album, Dark Sun, won Best Alternative Album at the 2012 San Diego Music Awards. After its release in the summer of 2011, the album quickly generated enough buzz to garner the attention of San Diego radio stations 91X and FM 94/9, both places where the band receives consistent airplay. The band is currently working on material for their second full-length record.

Blackout Party Biography

A swampy rock 'n roll band from California, Blackout Party won two San Diego Music Awards for "Best Americana" (2011) and "Best Local Recording" (2012). Their 2011 sophomore album Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed was chosen as one of by SDRocknroll.com's Top 5 Releases.

Strange Vine Biography

Strange Vine's earthy, energetic music is a fusion of blues, psychedelia, and traditional American rock. It's a sound true to California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, launched by two men who call the majestic mountain range home: as Ian Blesse simultaneously plays drums and a Rhodes piano, Toby Cordova fleshes out each song with a rotating arsenal of guitars. Both contribute vocals to generate a rich, layered sound greater than the sum of its parts.

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