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Dead Feather Moon Biography

Dead Feather Moon is a San Diego-based band whose distinguished sound combines rock with alt-country and psychedelic blues. Their heartfelt performances and rapidly-growing fan base have established them as one of San Diego’s most sought-after musical acts. Their debut full-length album, Dark Sun, won Best Alternative Album at the 2012 San Diego Music Awards. After its release in the summer of 2011, the album quickly generated enough buzz to garner the attention of San Diego radio stations 91X and FM 94/9, both places where the band receives consistent airplay. In addition to their steady stream of West Coast tour dates, DFM also recently appeared at the 2012 SXSW. The band is currently writing material for their second full-length record.

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The Heavy Guilt Biography

The Heavy Guilt is as much Americana as it is avant garde garage and as much folk blues as it is psychedelic indie stomp. It is six focused musicians, from varying backgrounds, translating their influences into a common language beneath the dim crimson lights of the stage. It is a sweaty driving catharsis, a train of thought bulldozing cross the tracks of rural America, it is a roadmap through the emotive wilderness, it is a collage put together by time worn hands, it is the sound and rhythm of a saturated city, it is the direction you take after last call. The Heavy Guilt is rock n roll.

Trouble in the Wind Biography

Since their start in small coffee shops, Trouble in the Wind has developed and matured greatly, expanding their range and musical craft. Although the group still carries the Americana/country influences, their sound can span across a broad range of diverse genres. They are a multi-instrumental collective able to spin larger than life, rich cinematic tales. Trouble in the Wind's multi-faceted instrumentation and their expansive lyric/yarns allow them to paint movie-like pictures on stage full of drama and imagery.

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