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Common Sense Biography

Common Sense has established itself as one of California’s premier reggae rock bands. Influenced heavily by reggae, rock and ska, Common Sense have developed a new roots sound all their own. Nick Hernandez, Larry Young, Billy Sherman and Phil Gough have been brothers in music for years and are committed to crafting and performing soulful, intelligent music that tells stories inspired by real life experiences.Common Sense got their start in the college music scene of Santa Barbara and quickly moved up to dominate the Southern California club scene. After nearly three decades together, the band has now toured with legendary reggae artists like Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse and Jimmy Cliff. Their far-reaching style has also earned them spots on national tours like the Van’s WARP Tour, Reggae Sun Splash and Reggae on the River. Noted for their high-energy live shows, the band is constantly pushing the musical envelope and expanding its loyal fan base.

Project Out of Bounds Biography

Project Out of Bounds is a progressive reggae-fusion band that has been taking California venues by surprise for the last six years. In a musical age where success is sought after with a phony image and copy-cat songwriting, POB is a band that lets their art speak for itself. Their music is creative, edgy, and hip. They have taken inspiration from the best roots-reggae and progressive-rock bands and invented their own style. They have accumulated a fan-base of true music aficionados that don’t buy into the hype. Yes, this is a band for the true music fan, not just the reggae fan.Hailing from San Diego, they have made their presence felt throughout California. This band can ace the art of roots, dancehall, and dub, while continuing their focus on versatility and progressing the genre.Their style can compared with the likes of other California reggae groups such as Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, or Seedless. In between the reggae structure, listeners may find anything from metal to dubstep or hip-hop to progressive rock. Pretty much any genre that can keep the dance floor hot while maintaining the desire to inspire.New music with inspirations of classic reggae in the cracks, and a dash of thrash in your face is what makes up Project: Out of Bounds. This band strives to progress the genre while others are content with imitation.

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